Montgomery Transport – Vision, Mission Statement, Goals and Values


“The preferred haulier of freight moving between UK and Ireland”

Mission Statement:

“To have a sustainable, progressive, professional and profitable business focused on its customers and driven by its people.”


Montgomery Transport intends to achieve its goals through the following means:

  • Constant focus on its customers’ needs and always striving to provide the highest quality in terms of service levels.
  • Continual development of its services and readily moving with technological advancements to provide sustainability.
  • Creating a culture of honesty and respect at all levels throughout the organization.
  • Working with its staff to improve and develop continually through positive management.
  • By delivering a positive message to the outside world of our continual focus on quality, safety and environmental issues.


The development of Montgomery Transport is based on four core values built around respect:









Respect for customers – The very core of Montgomery Transport’s mission statement is the long term satisfaction of its customers. The company has been founded on high quality service and will continue to evolve on this basis.

Respect for people – Continue to grow by developing mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, our partners, our suppliers and the communities we operate within.

Respect for shareholders – The business fully recognizes the role of our parent company and the investment risk they take by striving for a sufficient level of operating profit and by delivery of accurate, useful and prompt information on the company.

Respect for truth – Montgomery Transport expects objectivity and honesty at all times in all aspects of its commercial, operational and financial activities. We work in the real world and want to deal with true facts at all times and in all aspects of the company.


To achieve the company goals and values, the following methods are used:

  • By collecting and delivering on time, every day.
  • Providing a safe and secure working environment for all employees.
  • Winning new customers, satisfying their expectations and building long term relationships with them.
  • Being accurate so invoices can be issued promptly and payments made on time.
  • Always measure performance and strive to beat previous records.
  • Recruit quality staff and work with them to provide personal and customer satisfaction.